Partnering for Change

Transform Your School!

Join schools worldwide that partner with PBL Global to redesign learning for a new world.

Want to turn your school into a new institution focused on the future rather than the past? Then partner with Thom and his network to develop a comprehensive, strategic approach to the change process.

Start with the Foundations of PBL online courses to get staff and faculty thoroughly acquainted with PBL and inquiry.

Schedule virtual coaching with teachers and team leaders.

Add leadership sessions regularly throughout the school year to develop professional skills, answer the myriad of questions necessary to understanding change, and provide a concierge-level support system for redesigning your school system.

A big note: There is nothing ‘cookie cutter’ about this approach. I start with your needs and goals to help every teacher and school leader—regardless of starting point—to develop the skillset, mindset, and belief system required to be an effective 21st century educator. Huge Toolbox of helpful tools for high quality PBL, plus a copy of the Project Based Learning Design and Coaching Guide for every teacher.

I have a reasonable fee structure. Email for a quote and a conversation about your school, plus references!

Marcellin College, Melbourne, VIC, AUS 2019