The PBL Global School

The PBL Global Online School

Professional Learning for the Future-Ready Educator

Developed by Thom Markham, founder of PBL Global and a PBL pioneer who has successfully coached over 6000 teachers at nearly 450 schools worldwide, the Strengths Focused Project Based Learning online courses offer a professional learning breakthrough that educators across the globe will welcome: Direct, on demand access to proven methods and world class expertise aimed at preparing them to meld high quality PBL, inquiry, design thinking, and wellbeing into a future-oriented model of 21st century learning focused on human development. 

Becoming ‘future-ready’ begins with competencies. PBL Global leads the global conversation by breaking down inquiry-based teaching into three distinct roles, each with an identified skillset: Practitioner; Facilitator; and Changemaker. The Foundations of PBL includes all three of these courses, enabling teachers to prepare and become familiar with the range of best practices and methods of high quality PBL. 

The emphasis is on reflection, self-directed growth, and eventual mastery. Teachers begin with a Journey Map to identify skills most useful for them; they track their growth using PBL Global’s unique Personal Evaluation & Reflection Rubric. Throughout the courses they build an ‘ecosystem’ of tools and resources to sustain upskilling and professional learning. Completion of the experiences encourages teachers to ‘level up’ to the next course. Each teacher has LIFETIME access to the courses.

The Courses