Coaching for Transformation

Reimagine Professional Learning for Your School

Coaching Your Schools provides an easy, affordable package of services that will place your school squarely on the path to 21st Century teaching and learning.

The first step? Stop ineffective workshops! The core practices of 21st Century teaching—PBL, inquiry, design thinking, coaching future-oriented skills, and mentoring strengths based growth—depend on mastery of a complex skill set guided by a forward-leaning mindset. Replace your workshop model with a coaching model–a future-oriented professional learning strategy that is sustained, intensive, collaborative, job-embedded, personalized, and built into the daily flow of a teacher’s experience.

How do you coach your school? Take these three steps:

Start the Journey Online: Enroll all staff at your school in PBL Global’s online courses on Strengths Focused Project Based Learning.

These mobile, self-paced Experiences provide the core information, resources, methods, and exemplars that awaken, inspire, and teach the forward-leaning skills, mindset, methods, and belief system required to be an effective ‘future-ready’ century PBL and inquiry practitioner and facilitator. Don’t spend precious PD days passively viewing a PowerPoint and ‘listening’ to presenters. Instead, join a collaborative platform and offer steady conversation with other teachers globally. New hires next year? Not a problem. Your school will have LIFETIME ACCESS to PBL Global courses.

Go Face to Face with a Day of Onsite Coaching.

Research and practice confirm that complex skills mastery is most effective when there is rich interplay between digital experience and in person, face-to-face professional development. In other words, we need to accept online courses as a core mode for learning and communal inspiration while offering avenues for practice and feedback and remembering that the heart of the experience happens in real life. Schedule a day to connect onsite with teacher teams and leadership. (Note: This can be done in small groups – no need to take a full PD day.)

Schedule Virtual Coaching.

Virtual coaching offers a consistent opportunity over the school year to share, discuss, and refine project based work. Videoconferencing works

perfectly for this. Use a drop-in approach or schedule 30 minute virtual sessions for teachers and leaders with Thom Markham or other PBL Global leaders at key points in the school year.

Effective. Modern. Budget-Friendly.

Offload core information to the digital space and minimize expensive onsite consultants. Get the necessary, ‘just in time’ follow up via videoconferencing.

Plan to spend $1200 – $1500 USD for the online courses. Depending on travel, fee will be $2500 — $3500 USD for onsite visit. Set up

Virtual coaching for the year at $1500 – $2500 USD (unless you have a faculty of 200—then we talk.)

The complete package? $5200 – $7500 USD for LIFETIME ACCESS to the courses and 12 months of great support! Yes, it works!